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23.11.2010, State of the Brotherhood by Jamie
The state of the Brotherhood… one of my favorite topics! Every now and then it is so important to sit back and reflect on the "goings on" of the last few weeks. Leaning back in an easy chair. Taking a long and even breath. It is at times like these that the true value of our experiences shows itself in all its beauty and full color, like a Butterfly stepping out of its cocoon and spreading its wings in the first rays of light on a fresh spring morning. Oh the joy of life! With this exuberating energy filling our limbs and body and soul it comes so naturally to also look forward and see clearly the path ahead. It is, in the world of our little friend the butterfly, springtime - and a radiant sunny day at that. It's time for adventure, time to grow and learn, time to achieve the inconceivable and, yes, it is time for love. And now? As if by chance, a brief fluttering of our magnificent new wings reveals a new power, the power of flight. Fly little butterfly, fly! At first still timid, perhaps even slightly clumsy, we leap then surge but finally soar through the open skies on an uplifting current of warm air. High above all that once held us back, the obstacles and hurdles of times past seem so very small and meek. As the horizon stretches, making space for the vast dimensions of our imagination the color palette expands. The world is a universe of fireworks and beauty. As the splendor surpasses all that was ever bestowed, as if from nowhere, first soft but ever clearer, growing with the warmth of the sunlight on the earth, it overcomes us, the music of life. No longer a faint whistle the melodies are multiplying. Overlapping forming harmonies, chords, symphonies, a fanfare of memories yet to be born. We are alive. We are Butterflies. This is all real. The state of the Brotherhood.

26.10.2010, State of the Brotherhood by Wolff

21.09.2010, State of the Brotherhood by Joe

17.08.2010, State of the Brotherhood by Jamie
Oh, boy! I guess now it's my turn to write something about the state of the brotherhood...
Let me start by stating that this was mostly The Wolfman's idea!
Sure the idea of writing stuff all the time is great, but actually doing it!?
I think we should take an example of my newsletters. I say that I am going to write them every month and send out the new dates to all subscribers. But do I actually do it? No, no, no...
There are many good reasons for this: laziness, forgetfulness, technical incapability (writing - and then deleting everything before sending it...). There are even some reasons for which I can't be held responsible.
For example: The gig last Saturday in Rostock at the Hanse Sail was first offered to us just 10 days before it happened! It was only confirmed 5 days before hand (on Monday). How can I send the tour dates around when they are always changing??? Monday was also the day that I was coming down sick. On Tuesday I started taking antibiotics. Even though I hoped to be well by Friday I realised that playing 2 gigs on Friday AND 2 gigs on Saturday in 3 different and very far apart cities, was going to be too much even for us. Luckily the Molly Malone was understanding and they found another band to play the late night slots in Hamburg. - And all that just days before the gigs were going to take place.
So that is why it really isn't my fault, despite the laziness, the forgetfulness and the undeniable technical incapability! Writing regularly is obviously unnatural and should be frowned upon.

Which makes it slightly more attractive, let me continue my story about last weekend:
So, we cancelled the Molly Malone. That left us with only the Knust-birthday on Friday. That was great fun of course, or rather - it would have been, if I hadn't have been so sick. Despite a week in bed and all the medication I could dream of, I was still far from fighting condition. I would have loved to challenge Norbert (the manager of the Knust) to our traditional all night drinking contest that he traditionally wins and always ends in me loosing my phone (and my dignity) somewhere on the Reeperbahn. Luckily I had already lost my phone, so at least that felt right! - And there's another organisational handy cap: You try doing the booking for a hard working Rock n Roll outfit, WITHOUT A PHONE!
But back to the weekend:

We made a fairly early get away from the Knust but had a very early start on Saturday to Rostock. It was still main holiday season and Rostock is crowded during the Hansa Sail (Trade Fair). As is our surprising habit, we rolled into the backstage area exactly on time - 10.00 AM. The Crew from the NDR was very professional and helpful setting up and doing the sound check in what seemed to be no time. We played a fun 3 sets on the huge stage and my sore throat seemed to be holding up. The stress started after the show. We finished at 2.45 PM and had to leave at 3.00 PM. Like I said the crew were great and we made it out just 10 minutes behind schedule! That left us with 4 hours and 50 minutes to make the 5-hour drive to Stadthagen for the Oldie festival that night. We were meant to be there at 8.00 PM. Did I mention that Rostock is always really crowded during the Hanse Sail? Or the fact that it was the end of the summer holidays and the roads were all known to be packed? Well, we arrived backstage in Stadthagen exactly on time, as is our surprising habit. I don't know how we did it, as I was excused from driving duties due to my medical condition. I was asleep in the back of the tour bus. Stadthagen was great too. My old friends "Razzle Dazzle" played first and it was a pleasure to hear a good Rock n Roll band again. I used to play with them sometimes when I was still in school. We were welcomed to the stage like rock stars and it felt like I might have been getting some extra sympathy points for my pour state of health.

We were back in my pad in Hannover by 4.00 AM and could sleep a bit before heading off to the Maschseefest to sound check at 3.00 PM. The Maschseefest is always like coming home to me, I get to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd and even some of my old school teachers come to see us play. Luckily only the ones that always said: "Oh, he'll be alright". The ones that predicted me on a slippery slope to drug abuse and homelessness might have felt some confirmation seeing me so sick, but they never come to our shows.

I have to stop the "diary" now. But all the gigs last week were good fun. We received a warm welcome in the Academy after a long absence for the summer. Carwitz was really full with a nice crowd and it was great to see the "Stoppelmarkt" in Vechta - a new town for us, and they have already asked us back!!!

I am writing in between sets in the Thomas Read. The atmosphere is really good and it is hot as hell. I am sure it will be a really fun night. Tomorrow will be a nice closing night of this little tour, chilling out on the Baltic Sea in the Ostsee-lounge in Kellenhusen.

Now, to end this report, I would like to inform you that this coming weekend we will be playing twice on Saturday and not at all on Friday. We just didn't want to cancel another drafthouse gig. So, no gig on Friday - 2 on Saturday. The first gig will go from 7.00 PM till 10.00 PM at the "Dat Uhlenfest" festival. That should be a nice big stage, and we are the main attraction! Then we will play from Midnight till about 4.00 in the drafthouse!

That's rock n roll for you!
Hope to see you there!

15.07.2010, State of the Brotherhood by the Wolfman
"Summer, summer, summertime -
Time to sit back and unwind." (Will Smith)

Well, I guess it's my turn now.
I just received an email called "Reminder" - and jumped straight out of bed: "REMINDER"?! What's happening? Is there a one o'clock game today and I have forgotten to fill-in my bet? But…no! The World Cup is over.
Hmm…the email is from Sonja, the "first halftime" of SoTi, our internet girls. OK. The "State of the Brotherhood" report is due and it's my turn to write it. I boldly click "Answer" and start typing: "Hey Sonja and Tina! Thanks for your mail. As you know, we're having our summer holidays at the moment (Jamie is surfing down in the south of France, Joey is sort of having his "pregnancy break" at home in Sweden and I'm a little exhausted from the heat and this long World Cup Tournament). So, there is really nothing to report! And one should only write NEWS if there actually are any, right? : Cheers, …"
I stop dead. OH NO.
Was it me who had generously swept that very argument aside at the last band meeting, uttering: "But it's very important that there is always stuff happening on the website! Plus, there's always NEWS!"
OK - think, Wolfman, think. Of course there is news, but possibly also still a way out? What if it was "classified information", too private or too embarrassing to reveal?
"Hi Wolff, no information is too personal or too embarrassing for the SOTB report, so feel free..." - is Joey's spontaneous reply on Skype.
Well, alright. Here we go:

New Tour Bus
The new, white Mercedes Sprinter has been a trusty servant to us so far and - as mentioned - is "on tour" at the moment with his master Jamie (plus Jamie's girlfriend, little brother - yes, even littler than the "little brother" himself - and an even more littler son) in the south of France. "On Surf tour" to be more exact! But this wasn't the hottest news item, yet.

New Mac Book
I've got myself a new laptop. Wow - this one starts up in only 30 seconds (instead of 30 minutes like the old one). An Apple with complementary LOGIC STUDIO software. And a midi keyboard. Now I can compete again in our (band internal) battle of the home studios! So far, though, I have primarily used the computer for "Keep-my-football-bets-up-to-date" and less for "Record-hits-for-the-Obsessions". But this still wasn't the hottest news item. You're ready to hear it? Really? OK. GO.

New Baby Girl
"All hail princess Silvia Carnwath of Sweden!!!"
On July 7th, 2010 Joe's and Sara's second marvelous daughter was born in Uppsala, Sweden. So far I've only got a look at her through Skype - but I'd say the two have done really good work again! Oh man, so sweet and so tiny. Maybe we shouldn't be giving Joey so many off-days?! Like rabbits, I tell you...
Another fun little detail is that Silvia bears the same name as the Queen of Sweden. German-born Queen Silvia is the only "trump card", I can always play in the eternal battle with our Swedish Producer Lasse. He likes to humiliate us on a daily basis with our "German roots": Bratwurst, Marschmusik etc..
He even made his (world-famous) Colleague Max Martin memorize that the name of our band is "G-E-R-M-A-N-I-A". Ach, I can't wait until Lasse meets little Silvia…

New Life
This has nothing to do with music now, but I must admit that the World Cup 2010 has given my life a nice and pleasant structure in the last 4 weeks.
I guess, I'm alone with this in the band. Sweden didn't even qualify and England and the U.S. were knocked out in the Eighth finals, which Joey wasn't too happy about. And Jamie more or less agrees with Duncan's view, that "football fans are a bunch of strange men getting in touch with their ancestors".
But what can I say, the daily "get-up, keep-football-bets-up-to-date, watch-one-o'clock-game, check-football-bets, get-angry, watch-four-o'clock-game, check-football-bets, get-angry, watch-eight-thirty-game, check-football-bets, get-angry, watch-after-game-reports, sum-up-today's-football-bets, get angry" - all this has given me a somewhat warm feeling of achievement, like "Man, I've really got a few things done today."
What am I supposed to do all day now? Well, maybe "Record-hits-for-the-Obsessions".

New Wembley Goal
Surprisingly, English newspapers didn't really protest that much after the - clearly false - decision of the referees. Instead, "We got Müllered" sounded almost admiring, like a compliment to the young "New German Football".
One might say that Thomas Müller has done at least as much for the DFB Team's reputation around the globe as "Pulpo-Paule" (a.k.a. Paul, the psychic octopus) has done for the reputation of eight-legged marine oracles world-wide!
And the Vuvuzelas? (My buddy Hans said the other day: "To me, the constant whining about them was much more annoying than the little bugles themselves!")

Now that their song has quieted down to silence, I miss them.

14.06.2010, State of the Brotherhood by Joe
At our last band meeting, Wolff pointed out that we were not doing a very good job of keeping people informed with what the band is doing, so he has set up a chain of command which has resulted in Sonja being responsible for telling me that I am responsible for writing this month's "State of the Brotherhood" report.
So here you go:

People have been asking what happened to our "The Obsessions" original songs project. Well, after the release, promotion and subsequent sales figures of our last album, I came to the conclusion that, unlike the proverbial chicken and egg, there IS a natural progression that needs to be followed when it come to releasing CDs. I believe that the order of events has to run like this:

Step one. Write song that someone thinks is good enough to record
Step two. Make recording that someone thinks is good enough to release
Step three. Release song that someone thinks is good enough to promote
Step four. Bask in the glory of playing your hits to an adoring public all over the world
Step five. Buy mansion in the hollywood hills with guitar shaped swimming pool, then die, fat and bloated on a gold plated toilet.

Maybe our mistake in the past has been spending too much time looking for real-estate agents in California while ignoring steps 1-3!

Luckily, in March we signed a deal with a publishing company who believe that step 1 is well within our reach. The good news is that they are sure that all we need to move on to step 2 is a catchy 3 minute single that captures the essence of the band. The bad news is that they are sure that none of the 9 songs that I have spent every free day this year writing and demoing in my home studio are THAT single!

More from me next time Sonja calls to tell me my number is up!

"Here's to future world domination!" :)
The Obsessions have just signed a publishing contract with AMV Talpa - who are impressed by the songs and quality of our last album.
Now, they might well get us a good record deal within the next six months!
In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open: Songs from "The Obsessions" in movies, computer games customer telephone waiting loops are also very possible! ;) Cheers ("pling!"),

Thanks do Danni from the Rockhouse Sisters for putting together her personal best-of video from our short gigs on SAT.1 breakfast television after the CD release last year:

A long long time ago...we can still remember how that diary used to make us smile....After more than month of abstinence, you can now read a new diary entry on the diary section! Have fun!