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New dates online!

A new diary entry is online.

14.12.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
Thanks for all the feedback about the newsletters. It seems that gmx is the winner! I changed the sender name so hopefully I wont land in the Spam folder. The future is wide open!
And we have some news for you.
We had such a nice last gig of the year, that we decided to have another one. Or, if you count the internet gig for balcony-tv there would be 2 more last gigs of the year. ;)
But both are on the same day.
Oh, and not just the Obsessions are busy on that day, the Rockhouse Brothers also have 2 gigs.
Saturday the 15th could be quite a hand full. The Wolfman lovingly baptized it:
One day
Two bands
Three brothers
Four venues

15.12 freundlich+kompetent Rockhouse Brothers 1500-1600 hrs.
(Opening party)
15.12. The Obsessions 1800 hrs.
On the Kukuun balcony
15.12 Santa Pauli The Obsessions 1900-2000 hrs.
At the Weihnachtsmarkt am Spielbudenplatz
15.12 Drafthouse Rockhouse Brothers 2330 hrs.
As usual
Don't miss it...

I hope you had nothing planned this Saturday!
By the way, there is a new promotion thing going on for the Obsessions. Please check out:

A new date for December is online.

06.12.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
First I would like to welcome SoTi back from their holiday!
I have to start with some bad news. We had to cancel our gig on the 17th of Dec. The Reason: we are going up to Sweden to continue recording with our favourite producer. I mean, hey we do want a new CD at some point, don't we?
That doubles the importance of our gig at the MiNi-stage in the Pooca on the 6th of Dec. making it the last gig of the year. We will start at 10.00pm on the dot and have learnt a new song for the occasion.
There will be 2 other Bands playing that night so we will have plenty of time to party too. "Paulus" will be on after us, followed by Duncan Townsend with band. What a night!

SoTi is on holiday until 06.12.2007. Please check the guestbook for date changes on short notice.

A new diary entry!

You can now find old guestbook-entries and diaries from Pay-Tv in the archives.

A new diary entry is online!

05.11.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
Hey there!
We have changed all plans for this week - to keep you all on the go, to confuse you and to keep those who don't receive our newsletter away from our gigs (but please don't tell anyone!)
So, today the Obsessions will be at the "Academy" at 22.30, but we'll perform unplugged. Well not as unplugged as at the "Live" or the "Strand Pauli", means with the acoustic guitar but with PA. (Already confused?)
Thursday the Obsessions will play fully technical equipped at the "Pooca" (Hamburger Berg 12), MiNi-stage at 22.00.

New dates for the MiniStage, from now at the "Pooca", Hamburger Berg 12

New lyrics are online.

The English version of the diary is online.

We just got the rough mix of two new songs that have been recorded in Sweden recently.
You'll find it under audio/video and on our myspace page.

There is a new newsletter!

TOMORROW, Tuesday 09.10.07:
THE OBSESSIONS again on Radio Hamburg 103.6 !!

THE OBSESSIONS will be on air at Didi Menkens' radio show, the "Hamburger Nacht". This time 2 songs will be played, one of them was created spontaneously and totally unplugged at Wolffs living room...
The show starts at 11.00 pm on Radio Hamburg 103.6 (City Frequenz 104.0). Maybe they will also have a little interview.

Our guestbook seems to be a little sick at the moment. But the provider is working on it and we hope it gets better soon.

New dates are online.

On Thursday 20.09.2007, Jamie is going to perform with Duncan Townsend (Katie Melua Support) at the "Jack Daniels Lounge" (next to the "Thomas Read") at 10.00 pm. The project is called "A bit on the side".
From now the "Jack Daniels Lounge" will hold "Singer-Songwriter-Night" every Thursday, except 27.09.2007. The Obsessions will perform on 11.10.2007.

12.09.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
How's it going??
Just kidding, I am writing to tell you how we're doing!
We have started our own booking company under the name of CCR Booking. So if you want to book us write to und we will come! This months recording session will take place in Sweden. It does mean that we won't be playing very many live gigs, although if you come to our gig tomorrow in the Eve Klub you will witness some world debuts amongst the old classics!
Unfortunately our early evening gig at the Spielbudenplatz on Saturday has been cancelled. In fact the whole night market that we were going to play at has been cancelled on that day! Fortunately the Rockhouse Brothers will still be playing later that night in the Drafthouse.

The Obsessions gig on the "Nachtmarkt" on Saturday, 15.09.2007 is cancelled.

There is a new newsletter and a new date for a RADIO interview:
24.08.2007 Berliner Rundfunk, 91.4, morning radio

18.08.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
Hey there!
Oh, yes…summer…the best time of the year. So many things to do, but still some time left for a newsletter.
As you might have noticed already, "The Obsessions" are not playing much at the moment. We are concentrating on some new recordings and this requires a lot of preparations. We record our new songs with different producers in different studios. We'll see where it sounds best and where it's the best fun! But I have to say that we are always very astonished about the great sound. Some of our new songs can be heard on our myspace page.
But we don't want to forget our live performances. The last gig at the "Hörsaal" got pretty much good feedback and so we will repeat this on Sunday, 19.08.2007. It'll start around 09.00 pm.
Du to the showcase in Berlin, we have been invited to the morning radio at Berliner Rundfunk on Friday, 24.08.2007.
The gig at the "Eve Klub" Hannover is postponed to Thursday, 13.09.2007.
And on 09.09.2007 we will perform unplugged at the "Hotel Palstek" at the Eastern Sea.

New date for September & October is online!

New date for August is online!

Today, a song from the "Everything is Happening"-album will be played on Radio Hamburg 103.6 (city frequency 104.0) during the "Hamburger Nacht" with Didi Menkens. The show will start at midnight and around 12:40am there will be a little interview ON THE AIR...

New gig planned on short notice: 27.06.2007, 10.00 pm at the Hörsaal, Hamburg.

24.06.2007, Joe's news flash:
Hey there!
We have a producer/friend from Sweden coming over to see us in Hamburg this Wednesday. We are going to talk about the possibility of recording some songs for a new Obsessions album. We thought it would be a nice idea to play a few songs live so that he can see what the crowd (that means YOU) think of our new songs.
So please come and see us at the "Hörsaal" on the Reeperbahn on Wednesday (entrance free). We are going to play at around 22.00 and will play one set (about 45 mins).
We will also be giving away our new obsessions posters. See you there. Tell your friends (just in case they don't check our guest book every day)

The gig at the Eve-Klub in Hannover on 21.06.2007 is cancelled.

14.06.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
It shouldn't seem as if we are jealous with a quite similar looking rock'n'roll band (being in Berlin at the same time), but the Obsessions made an appointment for a recording with the Berliner Rundfunk (radio). We don't know exactly when we will be on air (maybe constantly again and again), but the recording will take place tomorrow. Luckily we didn't have to cancel a gig for this.
Furthermore I wanted to tell you that we have a new demo on our myspace page, as well as a couple of new photos. So, check it out, it's worth it:

The Obsessions myspace song has a new song online.

09.06.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
Hey there!
Today needed a gig in the beer garden, in Stralsund. The Obsessions concert will start at 09.00 pm, right in time for the sunset.
Hmm, what's new? We've got new posters. If you don't have the chance to see them tonight and get one for your bedroom, you can do this on 21.06. at the Eve Klub, Reuterstraße, Hannover. If the weather stays like this, we recommend bringing bathing shoes and a sauna - towelling. We will provide you with the right temperature!
By the way, Joe's chubby cheek will soon be fine again after the operation on his wisdom tooth. One more reason not to miss our concerts in Stralsund or Rügen.
So, I say: see you later.

The concert on 09.06.2007 is taking place in the Braugasthaus "Zum alten Fritz" an NOT in the "Alte Brauerei".

12.05.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
I, for one, have been a G.Love fan for years now.
So I am particularly proud to announce that we will be Supporting G.Love and Special Sauce on the 15th of May in the Knust.
No Joke!
Doors open at 20.00 we are on at 21.00 he will play at 22.00 it will be great!
If you don't know him yet, he is a blues guitarist who plays a kind of Hip Hop Blues with Special Sauce (Upright Bass and Drums). Jack Johnson used to support him. Need I say more?
To solve the riddle from my last mail:
In a new band (very much like the Rockhouse Brothers) we have recorded some "flirt messages".
The band is called the 8x4 Messengers, and can be found under .
Did you ever get the email with the Chimpanzee that scratches it's bum, sniffs it's finger and falls out of the tree? It is famous in it's own way. But it's days are numbered!

The Obsessions will be playing at the Knust as support für "G.Love + Special Sauce" on 15.05.2007! More about G.Love & Co here

28.04.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
How about that heat! Perfect weather for an 12 hour car ride! (some sympathy would be nice)
But I can use the traffic jam to write the over do news letter.
What's new? Hmmm, where to start? Well, the show case in Berlin was fun, thanks again to everyone who made the trip to Berlin to support us! We still don't have a record deal, but a radio station might want us as their studio band, which in turn might be interesting for the record companies. So everything is running smoothly or at least limping along...
In March we were actually working much harder than you could know! If you intensively surf the internet from the 1st of May you might just stumble across a page that will not only help you fight body odors but that you could find, shall we say mildly amusing!
And I'm not even the riddler...

New dates for June are online!

During their 4 weeks off, some of the Obsessions are working on other musical project. James is going to participate in the singer/songwriter night at the Academy on 16.04.2007. The Wolfman ans his brother will present some of their jazz compositions at the Birdland on 21.04.2007, starting 09.00 pm.

New dates for May are online!

The Obsessions will play at the Playromm in Berlin today. Keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday - Wolfman!

The new website is online!

10.03.2007, Jamie's Newsletter:
Friends, neighbours, ghetto inhabitants!
When one goes to Berlin, one should do so in style, we for example, have been invited by Virgin Records to play at their show case in the Kulturbrauerei!
They have a regular event under the name of "Playroom", where the chosen bands (us!) present themselves to the music industry. Besides Virgin, there will be at least 2 other record companies from the EMI Group and probably a few other people from the music business. It is open to the public and free of charge.
To answer your question:
- Yes it's exciting!
- Thursday the 22nd of March
- In the Playroom
- Free entrance
- Unfortunately we don't know which other bands will be playing or at what exact time we will play.
See you soon,

09.02.2007, Jamie's newsletter
Happy New Year! What do you mean too late? It's never too late… that's why we're still trying to be rock stars. It's never too late…
To my defense: I can only say, I had it all ready. Then my dog ate my hard disk and it was a full moon; you know how the Wolfman gets, and the aliens and the whatever, it wasn't my fault!
It's never too late…
So the first tour went by without a newsletter and I don't want to even go there. That now belongs in the tour diary section, and its Wolff's job not to write that!
It's never too late…
The upcoming tour is short but sweet. We make it to Hanover twice, to Hamburg as often as possible but sadly never to Berlin.
And so I christen this tour by the fine name of:
We even had an idea! Something we came up ourselves, something that will lift us up above all other bands.
On the 15th of February in the Kulturpalast we are having a totally-special-night. That means that we will play all of the songs that we ever recorded. All of the songs. Without exception. From beginning to end.
Well, isn't that something?
It's never too late…
OK, the Wise Guys have been doing the same thing for years. Except that they have recorded loads of CDs and their gigs go all night long. They call their nights either special nights or total nights. We don't know which, so we called our night the totally-special-night. That's totally our special idea!
Yes, it's true. We play most of our songs on most nights, but there are some that have been somewhat forgotten.
For Monday the 12th of February we have thought of a little something too. Not only that we are going to play FIRST, but something else. We will play FIRST so that you will know exactly when we are going to start. We will start at 9.00 pm or 9.30 pm. When or if we will really play - and of course our special surprise - will only be revealed on the night. Oh, the tension. And because we will be playing FIRST it won't get too late!
So, now I'm tired.
Good night.
I'm just tired, not old.
It's never too late…