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The Obsessions are wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy and exciting year 2010!

We have a super x-mas special offer for you in our CD-shop. Check it out!

Part 4 of day 10 of the diary is online and we have a new report on the press section!

Part 3 of day 10 of the diary is online!

Part 2 of day 10 of the diary is online!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: We have a brandnew video for you on the media section!

We have a new diary entry!

It's almost a month ago, but we don't want to hide the report from Schaumburger Wochenblatt from 16.09. The copy of the report can now be found on the press-section (sorry, it's in German)!

We have a new diary entry, but unfortunately no new dates yet :-(

18.09.2009, Jamie's Newsletter:
We have a few changes of plan! The Obsessions gig next Sat. Afternoon has been cancelled. The whole concert series was cancelled thanks to some wretched neighbour complaining about the niose! (Saturday afternoon!)
The good news is that we are playing next Thursday at a so called Kiosk Concert in the Esso gas station on the Reeperbahn. It is organised by the Prinz Magazine celebrating their anniversary. We will be playing from 6.30 to 9.00 PM as a warm up for the whole Reeperbahnfestival, if you so like.
And don`t forget: on the 18Th of Sept. we are in the Kultut Palast Linden in Hannover, (6,- entrance, 8.00 PM)
And on the 23rd of Sept. in the Pooca, Hamburger Berg, Hamburg, free entrance, 9.00PM
So, hope to see you soon!

We have good and bad news- let's start with the bad one:
The gig in Hannover on Saturday (19.09.2009) is cancelled due to some people, who are afraid of too much "noise". They just don't know anything about good music. Sorry!!
Now the good news:
In the course of the "Reeperbahnfestival" there will be a special kiosk concert at the famous Esso - gas station on the Reeperbahn, starting on 24.09.09 at 06.30 pm. Please make some "noise" at this one.. !!

Day 9 of the recording diary is online and waiting for readers!

Thanks to everyone, who voted for us on - We are the winners and our video will be presented in September!

The 2. part of day 8 in Stockholm is now online on our diary-section.

The 2. part of day 8 in Stockholm is now online on our diary-section.

After a long and creative break, Wolfman finally went on writing on his recording-tour diary from Sweden. You can now read the 1. part of day 8 on our diary-section. Have fun!

The shop is on SUMMERSALE. Buy one CD "The Obsessions" and get one CD Single "Safety Line" for free. Only until 30.09.2009!!!

New dates are online! The Obsessions gig at the Kulturpalast Hannover has been postponed to 18.09.2009! But we have an additional gig in Hannover on 19.09.2009!

We just received a "Best of The Obsessions" video from Sat.1, which can be seen on the media section! Thank you, Dan(n)i!

You can find some photos from our gigs at the Saturn stores in Hamburg and Berlin on our diary section.

Yeah, our video "Back to the rain" is now available for download at the iTunes Store :-)

Ok, we have a couple of new reports and reviews on the press section, as well as a new radio playlist, which you can find here. And you know...New list- same motto: phone them up, compliment them on their fine taste in music or - even better - request more of us!!!!

Jamie has posted a newsletter, but was too lazy to translate it to English. The English version will follow during the next days.

We need you!!! The internet music magazine "D-Zentral" is voting for the video of the month of July. And guess, who is one of the protagonists?! Correct! The Obsessions. So, please vote for us on:

Again we have an update of the radio playlists, to find here! Again New list- still same motto: phone them up, compliment them on their fine taste in music or - even better - request more of us!!!!

Furthermore we have found another review on the internet, which can be found here (unfortunately only in German :-()

Here we have an updated list of all the radiostations, where THE OBSESSIONS are on rotation. New list- same motto: phone them up, compliment them on their fine taste in music or - even better - request more of us!
Wow, it's confirmed: "Back to the Rain"was on McDonalds Instore-TV for the last 2 weeks between 7:00 and 8:00 am!And it's going to be extended (which is not happening that often) for another 2-3 can be seen between 17.00 and 20.00 pm. Bon appetit!
Last but not least: we have a new date in September at the Pooca. And the gig in the Academy moved to 07.09.2009!

Danni from the Rockhouse Sisters was so kind to send us the interviews from Radio Hamburg. You can listen to them on the press-section now. Have fun!

We can't stop the press! We got another report about the Obsessions - check out the press section. Furthermore we have a list of radio stations that could play the Obsessions, if you just called and asked for the song :-) And if you are busy studying, call your local university radio!
Oh, one more thing: The video to "Back to the rain" is on rotation on the internet on and on the instore-music channel "" that can be seen in stores like "Subway", "New Yorker", etc. What about a shopping tour????

We have a new review from the magazin "Musix", as well as a new date for Jamie & Wolfman, who will be live on yoomee-TV on 30.06.2009.

THE OBSESSIONS are 'on rotation' NOW on these radio stations! If you're able to tune into one of them: Why not phone them up and compliment them on their fine taste in music or - even better - request more of us? ;) And these stations hold our singles ready for spontanious...ahem...'hand jobs' (you know what we mean!).

Finally celebrated our digital release. We are now available on itunes and musicload!

We published a lot of new dates for the months of July and August, as well as a list of shops, where you can also get the new CD - check out the shop-section.

You can find some pictures from the release-party on our diary-section. And we have a new date for August at the Academy.

Attention: Wolff is going to be live on air tonight at 11.00 pm with Didi Menkens, giving an interview for "Hamburger Nacht" on Radio HH city frequency 104,0.
Stay awake!
Furthermore you can find the "Back to the rain" making of, which has been showed on Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen on our media-section!
And one more thing: On Friday, 29.05.2009, Jeannie X from HH1 will present the new video as the "Hittip" on TV. The time will follow!

The recording of the Obsessions on NDR 4 "Nachtclub" with Ralf Dorschel can be heard on the press section!

The Obsessions will be on Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen tomorrow, Saturday, 23.05.2009 from 09.00 am - 11.00 am. They will show the making of "Back to the rain". And the diary is online again. Sorry! We totally forgot it...

Due to a short holiday, CD orders may not be answered immediately, latest on Friday. Thanks for your understanding!

And a little info for the gig on 13.06.2009 at the Edelfettwerk:
If you are not a member of Sport Spass, you have to pay an admission fee of € 5,-.

Today's the day: the new Obsessions CD will be released at the KNUST
. Doors open at 08.00 pm and the concert will start at about 09.00 pm. If you can't make it to get a new CD tonight, you can easily buy one from our shop for 17 € incl. forwarding costs. The CD is also available at Mediamarkt or Saturn. Have fun!

Furthmore we wanted to tell you that we have a new guestbook. Due to technical problems, the old one has been banished to the archives.
We are looking forward to your entries!

We don't want to tantalise you anymore and proudly present our brand new video: "Back to the rain".

08.05.2009, Jamie's Newsletter:
Concerning The Obsessions release party on the 15th of May.
Back in the day, when we still ran marathons, an offer like "buy 40 tickets and choose the bands stage clothes" would have worked wonders!
Out on to the stage, we would have proudly stepped, wearing nothing but a magnifying glass.
But a new time has come, with its own urgencies.
I hereby make use of my ancient right as bass player and writer of the almighty newsletter and call an EMERGENY MEETING OF COUNCIL.
The meeting will be held in the Knust on the 15th of May. 8 PM (8 € in Advance, 10 € on the door)
Go on, laugh! God damn you!
No seriously, we really have to sell some tickets! Check it out, Alin had already sold over 100 Ticker 2 weeks ago!
Are we to be so outnumbered by Alin Fans (nice as they are) on our own Release party!? I think not!
If she keeps it up like that, it will be sold out, and our favorite fans (YOU) won't be able to bring ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Now wouldn't that be a shame!?
We, for our part, are going to start a flyer campaign on the Reeperbahn tonight, which will be continued tomorrow (I guess its actually today already) at the Hafengeburtstag. During this campaign we will talk many a stranger in to coming to our Party. Now, I don't normally mind strangers, BUT THESE ONES AREN'T FROM HERE!
There are still tickets available (we've got loads of them, really). Talk ALL YOUR FRIENDS into coming! Quick!
OK, last chance: Tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS that Alin Coen ist playing. That seems to work better. Even I couldn't resist buy a ticket for that!
We actually really are looking forward to hearing Alin play after we have finished and sold many thousands of CDs. Oh, and one more thing you may not know yet: After all of the rest is done, the Knust is having an F.C.St Pauli birthday party. So the night will just go on and on! Just imagine the intimate surroundings: You and us, ALL YOUR FRIENDS and of course the strangers. WHO ARE THEY? And what's the magnifying glass for?
The last official sales date will be Today (Saturday) at the Hafengeburtstag, after the magnificent Rockhouse Brothers show. So at about 7 PM. And then after Midnight in the Thomas Read.
After that sales will only continue via the home page or per email to me.
If you would like to join in on the flyer campaign (it's so fun!) we will give you flyers and / or Posters to hang up at ALL YOUR FRIENDS houses! Here's some good advice should you choose to approach strangers: Be polite, but firm and direct. Sometimes just threatening with violence will do. Or feel free to make mucky promises that you don't have to keep. That's OK in times of crises.
We would invite all of our friends, but since we started selling tickets so aggressively, they won't talk to us any more.
On your marks, get set, GO!

The release party is drawing almost all of your attention and so we would like to take the chance to distract you with another diary entry!

The production of the new video "Back to the rain" is almost done and we are very curious, how it's going to be. As soon as it's completed, we will present the video on this website. Furthermore we wanted to tell you that you can also buy tickets for the release party at the Knust on 15.05.2009 in our shop.

There is a new diary entry online.

We have a new gig on 13.06.2009 at the Edelfettwerk.

There is something new on this website, but due to Easter, you have to search for it :-) Have fun and happy Easter!

It's offical: The release party of the new album is now definitely taking place at the Knust, Hamburg on 15.05.2009. Have a look at the new cover and get your tickets for the show NOW!

Der Wolfman is forced to continue with his diary. The last part is online for now!

A new diary goes online and our Fan-club, the "Rockhouse Sisters" move back to theit old domain

03.03.2009, Jamies Newsletter:
Hmmm, I actually have some things to announce this time. No wait, first I'll forward what Wolff wrote. Here we go. Almost there:…
"03/03/09 11 p.m. TONIGHT: The Obsessions on Radio Hamburg (city frequency 104)!
Tune in tonight at 11 p.m. and you can hear four of our new songs on RADIO HAMBURG (city frequency 104).
On the "Hamburger Nacht", moderator Didi Menkens will be interviewing our drummer the wolfman - and there is a VOTING (as to which band will be back on the next show).
So, if you got nothing better to do, please take two minutes and vote for us RIGHT NOW on "
Then we have our gig in BERLIN on Friday:
6th of March, The Obsessions in the White Trash, 11.00PM, 6,- at the door
And of course we will be back in HAMBURG:
25th of March, The Obsessions together with Duncan Townsend and Johannes Oerding in the Metropolis, Free Entrance!
And a bit further in advance:
10.04.09 The Obsessions, Dresden, Blue Note
24.04.09 The Obsessions, Supporting Fools Garden, Hamburg, Thomas Read
01.05.09 The Obsessions, Stralsund, Kulturschmiede
15.05.09 The Obsessions, Hamburg, KNUST, double feature with Alin Coen, 8,-
An listen up everyone! Keep your fingers crossed that the 15th of May will be our CD RELEASE Party! We are doing everything we can to make it happen...

On 24.04.2009 the Obsessions will support "Fools Garden" at their concert at the Thomas Read in Hamburg. Fools Garden became famous with their hit single "Lemon Tree".

A new diary entry from the recordings in Sweden, written by The Wolfman, can be found on the diary section!

There are two new dates for March and April, check them our on the date section!

We have a new date for 25.03.2009 at the Metropolis. We will be supported by Johannes Oerding.

28.01.2009, Jamies Newsletter:
Did I already mention that Duncan Townsend will be opening the night in the Casino on the 6th of Feb.? That should be a fun night! Oh, I have to let you know there is a certain dress code in the Casino. It is less strict in the "players' lounge", so you won't have to do a full James Bond, but on the other hand, why not!?
And looking slightly further ahead: On Friday the 15th of May we are double featuring with Alin Coen in the KNUST. We have to think of some way to pack the place. If you have any good ideas, we are open for suggestions! Otherwise just buy loads of tickets. Just 8 Euros in advance, available from me as of now. If you buy 10, you get the 11th for free. So, round up all your friends. If you buy 20, you get to request a song. If you buy 30 you can choose what the band wears that night. And if you buy 40 you can decide who plays which instrument!
Those are the rules!
On your marks, get set - GO

There is a new date and a new new diary entry!

There is a new date!

11.01.2009, Jamies Newsletter:
Well, happy New Year I guess!
2009 is kicking off with some good news for us too!
The Obsessions will be playing twice with Baskery.
On the 11th of Jan in the Knust
And, brand new, on the 14th of Jan in the Blue Shell in Cologne - finally back to Cologne!
Both gigs should cost 12 Euro in advance and 15 on the Door. As the support band we don't have anything to do with the prices, but I personally would pay the fee to see Baskery, if we weren't playing ourselves.
Then The Obsessions will be playing in the "Falken" in Weimar - finally back to Weimar!
We are looking forward to it.
Sorry, but we also had to cancel the Academy on the 14th of Jan so that the Obsessions could play in Cologne, finally back to Cologne!

We have two new dates!

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year 2009!