Gentle Brothers
On October 12th, the Rock'n Roll trio releases its debut CD at the Schlachthof

The three singers have long parted from the typical Rock'n Roll sound of the 50's. Their music is melodious, one could almost say gentle. Singer and guitarist Joe Canrwath, and his brother James, who plays the double bass, both grew up in the USA and England.
Joe reports: "Our parents were always supportive when we were experimenting with trumpets, violins and percussions. But when I bought my first electric guitar, they left me and moved the rest of the family to Germany".
Joe formed a band and toured all around. All of a sudden the band's double bass player left, so Joe asked his brother, if there were any way he could be able to take over this position as soon as possible. In just four weeks, James learned to play the double bass, and the group's tour to Sweden was saved.
A few years later, James and jazz drummer Wolff Reichert met each other at the musical "Buddy" and soon the idea came up of forming a new band with Joe. The initially set out in a rock style, but then started developing their own direction.
Each song tells a different story, each song has a different rhythm, and the impressive voices retain their strength even in the highest tones (…)

Cited: Eimsbütteler Wochenblatt, 09.10.03
Translation by SoTi