PAY TV - Rock'n'Roll is back

Joey, Jamie & "The Wolfman" - better known as "The Rockhouse Brothers" - let it rock at the club Campus.
Along with some golden oldies from the likes of Buddy Holly, Elvis, etc. the program consisted almost entirely of original songs. These were of no less quality in expressiveness and artistry, although their lyrics dealt "only" with personal and special experiences out of the boys own daily existence.
Far from the fever of the rock'n'roll generation of the 60's, these guys, here under the name of PAY-TV and playing as a typical trio (half - acoustic guitar, double bass & drums) succeeded in producing their own individual, trademark style. Every song told its own dramatically developed story, culminating in a beautiful final cadence, which met with thunderous applause.
PAY-TV committed themselves about a year ago to this project, correct in their assumption the success of their Rock'n'Roll show would also carry over to their original works.

Cited: Szene Rostock
Translation by SoTi