A review of the CD "Spicy No. 11"

Around Hamburg's Reeperbahn you can find any number of "sisters" to party with. But partying with brothers? Well, not as you're talking about the ROCKHOUSE BROTHERS. As soon as you see them, you know immediately just what kind of music this rock'n'roll band is into. And these guys were celebrated as if they were kings. Now they call themselves PAY-TV. They're playing their own song now and are out to conquer the world of pop music.
Pop music? Reviewing pop music is not really up my alley, but the music of these guys grabs you from the start. All three band members are miked and the harmonies are superb. Their song "Out there" is a perfect example of this, and its haunting melody just won't let you go. The gently strummed guitars and chords are an ideal match to this song's mood. The whole CD is full of beautiful guitar parts and subdued vocal solos. One can almost image you're listening to a CD of hits of the 60s. This, despite the fact the band classifies its style as new-pop.
The band's history is also quite interesting:
As kids, Joe and James moved from the USA to good old England, where Joe formed his first band. Shortly before a tour, the bass-player left the band, so Joe asked his brother, James, if he could learn to play the string bass within 4 weeks. Jamie said sure. He practised and studied, eventually receiving an offer from "BUDDY - The Musical", where he acted and played bass. Just around that time jazz drummer Wolff Reichert auditioned for the same musical, and destiny was fulfilled: the Wolfman became the drummer of the ROCKHOUSE BROTHERS.
Back to PAY-TV:
A promotional brochure writes: "..a mixture of RYAN ADAMS and COLDPLAY, with a touch of THE POLICE in their younger years…." Ryan, yes. I'm personally not familiar with Coldplay, so I can't comment on that comparison, but I failed to see any connection with The Police. I was reminded more of the KINKS ("Feeling Stupid"). When those beautiful harmonies I mentioned give way to solo vocals, one is reminded somewhat of the fragile voice that is so characteristic of Ray Davies. And fortunately, these guys manage to break up the "monotony" of all those beautiful harmonies by mixing in just enough riffs here and there to keep things interesting.
I also had the chance to listen to their track "Here we go", to be found on a 3-song "single" CD they have also released. Stylistically, it would be right at home on "Spicy No. 11", from which they took two other numbers ("Safety Line " and "Out there") to go along with this single. Together, these three tunes make for a great introduction to these guys and their music.
Another quote from their producers: "Flawless Pop music with international appeal! It might seem far-fetched to refer to PAY-TV as the "future of rock music". But these guys could be just that."
I can go along with this first statement. I agree with the second one as well. As far as the third one goes, I think it could do with an itsy-bitsy shift of focus to get things heading back in the direction of "rock". But is that really desirable? Regardless, with their premiere CD, the guys from PAY-TV have shown us that they have really grasped the concept of "best of both worlds". I'm sure we'll be hearing more from PAY-TV in the future.
A thoroughly professionally produced CD; they even thought of including all the song texts in the booklet!
Thumbs up!

Cited: , Ulli Heiser, 24.01.04
Translation by SoTi