CD tip: the debut album from PAY-TV, formerly known as the Rockhouse Brothers

As the Rockhouse Brothers they celebrated enormous success on Hamburg's Reeperbahn. Concerts at the "Knust" or "Thomas Read" became unforgettable music events.
Within a short time, Joey, Jamie, and "The Wolfman" earned themselves huge popularity . Their repertoire comprised typical Rock'n'Roll and Beat songs, while their outer appearance reminded us of a Rockabilly band from the 50's.
But times change, old habits need to be broken, and new challenges lie ahead. The Rockhouse Brothers became PAY-TV. Their music still remains "handmade", but new songs were written by the guys themselves, and harmonies have been honed. The first CD of this band was released this past January, and the result is worth seeing.
"Spicy No.11", the title of this CD, connects the old with the new perfectly. The half -acoustic guitar of Joey and the driving beat of the band still set the tone for their music, but these three guys have learned a lot. The changing tempos, the beautiful lyrics and the three part vocal harmonies are reminiscent of "Ryan Adams and "Coldplay". But this comparison does the young musicians no justice, because PAY-TV is a new band with fresh ideas.

Cited:, January 2004
Translation by SoTi