PAY - TV, Home game - live in May

Mix upright bass, drums and guitar with 3 musicians who, beyond mastering these instruments, can also sing and write great (Pop-) songs. The Result is the Trio Pay-TV, a co-operation of three musicians from Hanover, Hamburg and Sweden: The Brothers Joe (git) and Jamie (b) Carnwath and drummer Wolff Reichert fill a niche, that has been increasingly deteriorating over the last years - that of honest, hand made Pop.
"Real" songs, whole melody lines, no "retro"- mannerisms to surf a wave to success - of course Pay-TV leaves traces of inspirations, bares references to musical influences from the Pop/Rock vaults, but rarely are these conveyed in such good songs: Songs that don't just stand their ground, they follow you home. Blues-Rock, rock'n'roll, beat and a nak for songwriting are the fundaments for Pay-TV's musical cosmos, created with a style-steady love for music. Charming, embellished, playful and always light handed, their songs create an atmosphere appealing not only on surface, but in content. If you're tired of musical mainstream shallowness and the hype about the hype - there's an alternative again: Hand made pop music, not just rare, it's beautiful. Hopefully the beginning of a new era...

Cited: Magascene 05 / 2004, Peter Carrera
Translation by SoTi