TV - performance, Pay-TV, Yommee-TV

Take a double bass, drums and guitar. Add three musicians, who have mastered these instruments, have the ability to sing and as well to write fabulous songs. What do you get? Pay-TV.

The brothers Joe and Jamie Carnwath and drummer Wolff Reichert, living in Hannover, Hamburg and Sweden conquer the world of handmade pop music, which has been withered away slowly during the last couple of years.

It is rather difficult to describe the style of Pay-TV, explains Jamie in an interview: "But we have a special prize for the person, who finds a name for it - we brought CD's as well. "

You can experience Pay-TV live at the latest on 01.12.2005 at the Café Keese. The new CD "Everything is happening" will be released on 13.01.2006 - we are really curious, what's happening next...

Translation by SoTi