Multitasking for men
Pay TV: Classical Pop between "The Beatles" and Morrissey

Pay-TV, a band from Hamburg, celebrates classical pop songs with pretty quiffs.
For a simple reason: "I wash and wash my hair, but the grease just won't go away", insures bass player Jamie Carnwath. But that fits: under another name (which they do not want to tell) the three play about 200 concerts a year, but then great 50s-Rock'n'Roll, jazz and swing: "We invest the money we earn with those concerts in our alter ego, Pay-TV", tells us singer / guitarist Joey Carnwath, Jamie's brother.
After their debut album "Spicy No.11", published in 2004, Pay-TV is now coming back for a second round. The new CD "Everything is Happening" was recorded in Stockholm, Joey's adopted home. Drummer The Wolfman, alias Wolff Reichert, explains "The title corresponds to the band's motto ".
The jazz drummer, son of "Birdland" owner Dieter Reichert, joined the band in 2001.
In the meantime everyone's even living together in Wolfman's flat writing beautiful songs about "Ordinary Girls ", such as Madonna and Kate Moss.
The songs sound a bit like Morrissey, Lloyd Cole and the Beatles ("They made it"). Live, Pay-TV are even better than cable television. Their motto: "Whoever says men are not able to multitask is lying!"
Jamie plays his double bass and the foot synthesizer at the same time, so does the Wolfman with this drums and the glockenspiel.

Quelle: MOPO, 13.01.2006, Katja Schwemmers
Translation by SoTi